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Paul Gregory — Saloon Owner — Private Eye — Heartbreaker Hero

Romantic Intrigue

During what I intended to be a casual conversation with Paul Gregory the other evening, I brought up the subject of politics, U.S. politics in particular. He refused to be drawn, stating that he was not a political animal. I continued to press him, urging him at least to tell me what he thinks is the government’s most dangerous policy. Without hesitation he declared, “Political correctness! It’s both stupid and dangerous.  The PC police just don’t have any common sense. Have you ever noticed that those who champion political correctness are invariably idiots?  It’s hard to take them seriously; that is, until you realize the damage they’re doing to the country.” He paused, shrugged and turned to greet a couple who were entering his popular establishment, Pal’s.

I continued to sip my drink and decided to stay awhile at my table so I could carry on observing him. He is really an extraordinarily handsome guy, but seems unaware of it. Or perhaps he’s just a very good actor. He is fascinating and, although attractive and intelligent, he is happily not self-involved. So although he has more than his share of female admirers, he’s not a ladies’ man. He is instead essentially a loner. Introspective for the most part, he is also a man of action, has the can-do attitude necessary for his chosen profession as a private detective and often works undercover for the Drug Enforcement Administration. When I asked him what he particularly likes about his work he told me it’s when he gets the first whiff of a bad guy and then it becomes the thrill of the chase.

You wonder how I know these things about him which are meant to be secret? I’m Adair Arlen, the one who makes him act the way he does and say the things he says, although I do admit that he often goes his own way and does his own thing in spite of what I might have in mind for him.

I can tell you, for example, that his real name is Hungarian: Gregor, Pàl Sandor. Americanized it is Paul Alexander Gregory. Something happened to transform his happy nature when he was nine years old and at that time his entire outlook on life changed. But instead of telling you about his early years and what made him the way he is, I’ll direct you instead to read The House of Tomorrow and learn for yourself about Paul Gregory – first the boy and then the man – from the very beginning.

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