41sCNrY74yL._SX322_BO1204203200_-194x300The House of Tomorrow, first in the Paul Gregory series:
A solitary man, Paul Gregory is the mysterious owner of trendy nightspot, Pal’s, in the Southern Illinois University town of Carbondale, Illinois. Liliane Greening, a researcher at the university, is putting her life back together after an emotionally crippling marriage. When eminently eligible bachelor Professor Sam Meredith pursues and courts Lily, female hearts can be heard breaking all over Carbondale.


To Say Goodbye:
Paul Gregory is the owner of Pal’s, a fashionable supper club in the Southern Illinois University town of Carbondale.   In his other life he works undercover for the Drug Enforcement Administration, a line of work for which he has a natural talent. Paul and Lily, continuing characters from The House of Tomorrow, exult in their perfect love and vow never to say  goodbye.  Until something very strange happens. . .


The Devil Yawned: 
Paul’s old nemesis, Stephen Meredith, running from the law, acquires a walled French Quarter residence.  The pleasure he derives from his newly adopted city is enhanced when he meets Madeleine Marigny, whose unworldly ways charm him.

In Western Australia, Crystal Meredith, Stephen’s daughter, is strongly attracted to Mike Blackburn, her new employer and the owner of magnificent Westerwyck. Initially considering themselves opposites, they delight in discovering in each other a great compatibility.

As each major character in this novel undergoes a significant sea change of personality, it becomes increasingly clear that there are second chances available to even the most unlikely individuals and we learn that leopards can indeed change their spots.

cover1554.georg.ds.brdr.2The Gift of Rose:

Paul’s son, Nick, is a magnet for trouble. As Nick’s problems begin to unfold, Paul is grateful for “the gift of Rose,” for his daughter is as trouble-free as his son is trouble-prone. Activity begins in southeast Louisiana where Paul runs his fashionable saloon/restaurant and also where Rose begins her studies at the University of New Orleans. She is attracted to the son of one of Paul’s natural enemies, who offers her more than platonic friendship. Paul is alarmed when an old enemy turns up from his shadowy past. Fast moving events will keep readers engrossed as Rose’s life is in jeopardy and she must find the inner strength to save herself. Paul’s fears are almost realized while Rose struggles with the age-old dilemma of romantic love versus familial loyalty.


The Perfume Tree:  Stand-alone novel

A telecommuting writer who free-lances for her American travel magazine publisher, Ruby Paige feels her life is ideal.  She lives at Villa Exotica, her beautiful home in her own version of paradise, the small Caribbean island of Isabella Regina.  Reggie, as it’s known to its inhabitants, was named in 1493 by Christopher Columbus for his benefactress, Queen Isabella of Spain.

Valerie Rogerson, wife of the  island’s governor and Ruby’s close friend, regularly arranges for Ruby to meet suitable Foreign Office males as they arrive at Government House to carry out their tours of duty.  Discouraged so far, Valerie has begun to despair in her efforts, as Ruby shows no interest in the parade of eligibles and remains aloof from their blandishments.  Unknown to Valerie, Ruby has already found the man of her dreams — literally.  Her dream lover comes to her each night as she sleeps.  She has found no mortal man who can take his place and has begun to believe she never will.  When Valerie introduces the governor’s new aide, Christian Harcourt, Ruby is speechless; he is her dream lover in the flesh.

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